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Want to help us bring Juan home?

We are grateful for all the support we have received and will not stop until Juan is back home with family. 

Our search for Juan is fully powered by family, friends, and community volunteers. We remain hopeful police investigative work combined with our grassroots efforts will yield information about Juan. So we continue to flyer, share, and raise funds to continue our search.

We appreciate any and all support - we are grateful for the countless community members who have reached out to help flyer across Los Angeles County and beyond, provided dinner, donated to our cause, and contributed essential materials. 

I will help bring Juan home by:

Donating to support the search

Funds will be used to:

- print flyers

- order large signs

- cover gas for family searching throughout Los Angeles

- purchase tape and staplers to continue flyering

- provide the family with financial support as many have taken unpaid days off to continue search efforts 24/7

Sharing on social media

Your support on social media has allowed us to share Juan's story far and wide. It also helped us catch the attention of local leaders, news stations, and publications. 

For updates through Instagram, follow: 

- Juan's mom, Yajaira: prinzess yaya 
- Juan's brother, Joseph: josephgh212 
- Juan's aunt, Stephanie: nena 2388 

For updates through Facebook, follow:

- Juan's mom, Yajaira Hernandez

- Juan's brother, Joseph Hernandez 

- Juan's aunt, Stephanie Mendoza

For updates through Twitter, follow: 

- Juan's mom, Yajaira: Luv_Yaya21

- Juan's brother, Joseph: ThisIsJosephG

Contacting local leaders

Helps us share Juan's story with local leaders by calling or emailing them. With your support we have been able to get the attention of Los Angeles City Council and establish a reward fund for Juan. 

We will continuously update the page with new leaders to contact, their contact information, and phone scripts/email templates you can use. 

Flyering in Los Angeles

We continue to flyer every day, targeting areas where tips have been reported. To join us, you can get the latest updates on areas of focus on the Facebook Group: "#HelpMeFindJuan - ORGANIZING GROUP" 

Providing a meal

If you would like to sponsor or cook a dinner for the family, use the "Contact Us" form below to let us know. Family friend, Victoria Martinez, will be in touch to coordinate and can pick up from Orange County/Los Angeles and deliver the meal to the family. 

Donating supplies

Use the "Contact Us" form below to let us know if you would like to donate flyers, tape, staplers, or non-perishable items (water bottles, bars) to power our search efforts. 

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